Sex Crimes – The Deadliest Accusation

Sex crimes carry some of the most serious punishments under Utah law. If you even think that you might be the victim of an accusation of a sex crime you should immediately contact a qualified criminal lawyer. Unfortunately, due to the feminist movement and a society wide effort to attack and degrade men at every opportunity, false accusations of sexual crimes are very common. In order to get revenge or to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody case women sometimes manipulate their children into making sexual abuse allegations against a spouse or boyfriend. Other times it is simply based on malice or rage, frequently for no rational reason. This is known as the deadliest accusation.

Many sexual offenses in Utah carry a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years to life in prison. This is in addition to being required to register as a sexual offender with the state. Being a registered sex offender marks an individual as one of the lowest forms of life. This person will be ridiculed, threatened and will likely find it difficult to even find a place to live. It is almost always a very serious mistake to talk to the police without having a lawyer present for any interview. If the accused does submit to an interview it is imperative that the lawyer record the interview to prevent the police from making false claims regarding statements by the accused. Without a recording the police can make any claim about what was said during the interview. If the police want to interview you regarding a sexual offense bear this in mind: If the police have enough evidence to arrest you they will simply arrest you. If they don’t have enough evidence they will tell you they want to interview you so that you can clear your name but the truth is that they want to interview so they can get a confession. The police are very skilled at interrogation and can terrorize even innocent people into confessing to a crime they never committed. The detective has probably done hundreds, or even thousands of interrogations. You have probably never done a single interrogation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle a skilled detective without help from a criminal lawyer.

Once a charge is filed your life will be destroyed even if you are innocent. It is much better to spend some money on a criminal lawyer immediately upon learning of an accusation than it is to delay and hope the problem will go away because it probably will not go away and will get bigger with each passing day.

To avoid the nightmare of a criminal charge for a sexual offense remember the following: Be faithful to your spouse, don’t drink alcohol and don’t get involved with women who have mental problems. Be especially careful about meeting women through the internet. If you really do suffer from any sexual deviancy seek professional psychological treatment. But do not confess any specific crime to the psychologist, therapist or religious leader without first having your lawyer research the law of privilege as it applies to your specific case.

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