Tax Evasion

Income Tax Evasion

Ar you being pursued by the IRS for tax evasion or other crimes associated with income tax laws?  Act now and hire a lawyer well versed in tax law. Call (801) 266-0100 for a consultation. Hiring a good lawyer for cases like this is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself.

Tax Laws are a Tangled Web

Tax laws are complicated, and if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of income tax rules and regulations, you could find yourself in serious trouble. Many people charged with income tax evasion, in fact, don’t even realize that they did anything wrong. But ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if the IRS is getting ready to charge you with tax evasion, your best course of action is to hire a knowledgeable attorney right away.

Tax evasion can start as a small mistake, but quickly turn into a major situation, running up thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. And if this isn’t bad enough, the IRS can also charge you with a crime and even send you to jail.

Kinds of Tax Evasion

Tax evasion takes many forms. One is underreporting income, in which you don’t claim all the money you earned, and another is hiding money, or putting it in offshore accounts. Inflating deductions is a way to illegally shield yourself from paying all the taxes you owe. If your accounting books have been altered in any way to disguise income so that you do not pay taxes on it, this is also tax fraud, sometimes referred to as “unorthodox accounting methods.”

But what if you thought you had reported all your income, when in fact you hadn’t? Or what if you thought your deductions were valid? Or what if you simply made an honest mistake when filing your tax forms? These errors can still cost you in penalties, but it’s critically important for you to show that they were mistakes and not willfully intended, or you could face hefty fines and jail time. This is when you need an experienced attorney on your side.

Knowledge it Key

The good news is that when cases like these go to trial, it is necessary for the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant owes money, that he or she didn’t pay it and was attempting to purposely avoid paying it. Since this can be a difficult and cumbersome task, the government frequently makes bargains with defendants in which they agree to pay the taxes, and perhaps a fine as well, in exchange for avoiding prosecution. In circumstances such as these, you need a skillful negotiator who is well versed in tax laws. If you have been charged with tax evasion, call us to help you navigate through the treacherous waters of tax laws, so that you can get the best possible result in your case.