Child Sex Abuse: Multiple cases dismissed
Bank Fraud: Multiple Not Guilty Verdicts
Domestic Violence: Multiple Not Guilty Verdicts and Dozens of cases Dismissed
Child Pornography: Not Guilty
Aggravated Assault: Reduced to simple assault, no restitution where government originally sought over $500,000 in restitution. Multiple cases dismissed
Aggravated Kidnapping:Dismissed
Hobbs Act Robbery: 5 yrs. when sentencing guidelines called for 13 years
Bank Robbery: 8 years when minimum mandatory sentence was 35 years
Drug Offenses: Multiple dismissals and acquittals
600 lbs Marijuana: Charges Dismissed, illegal search
Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine (over 200 kilos): Not Guilty
Carjacking (4 confessions): Not Guilty
Felon in Possession (3 confessions): Not Guilty
Evidence Suppressed-illegal search: Too numerous to mention