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At the Law Offices of Attorney Robert B. Breeze, we have the knowledge and experience to build a strong case in your defense against criminal charges. Criminal defense attorneys represent you if you have been charged with a crime. You are going to need a fierce advocate on your side to provide sound legal advice. Being placed under arrest is a frightening and upsetting experience, and you need a lawyer who knows the legal system to protect you. Call now to ensure your safety in a court of law. (801)266-0100

About Robert Breeze's Criminal Defense Practice

Attorney Robert B. Breeze has been practicing law for more than 30 years. With his extensive background in and experience with the Utah legal system, Mr. Breeze is able to confidently and expertly defend clients charged with a wide variety of crimes, including Driving Under the Influence, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Tax Evasion, White Collar Crimes, Violent Crimes and numerous other felony and misdemeanor charges

Positive Results

Mr. Breeze’s track record speaks for itself — he has obtained acquittals and beneficial plea deals for his clients in more than 200 jury trials. These results were obtained in all kinds of criminal offense cases across the board. Viewing child pornography is a crime that carries a severe stigma, and those convicted often become social outcasts. Mr. Breeze has gotten many of these cases dismissed as well. Drug crimes often carry stiff penalties, especially for subsequent offenses. But they also frequently rely on inadmissible evidence, due to unlawful searches and seizures. Mr. Breeze works aggressively to suppress evidence obtained illegally, resulting in dismissals and acquittals. In other serious cases when the sentencing guidelines called for decades behind bars, Mr. Breeze was able to get the defendants many years fewer, sometimes only five.

Invaluable Experience

Having experience in the Utah court system is invaluable. The laws in Utah are like no other state in the country, and Mr. Breeze knows them inside and out. He has worked in the Salt Lake City court system for decades and has gotten to know the individual quirks and personalities of each judge. This knowledge gives his clients a crucial and distinctive edge. Some judges are known to be harsher in some types of cases and others are known to be more lenient. You never want to take your chances with a judge you don’t know — prior knowledge of their decisions and beliefs can have a major impact on your case.

Aggressive & Diligent Defense

Mr. Breeze and his team work tirelessly preparing a solid defense for all of their clients. Everyone who gets into legal trouble feels nervous and worried, but with Mr. Breeze and his knowledgeable, hard-working staff in your corner, you know you are getting the best criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City can buy.

"(Defense Attorney Breeze) has had impressive results with cases and has a batting average that is frankly quite a bit higher than usually seen at the (Federal Court.)" -Paul Cassell, Law Professor and Former Federal Judge."
(This is not an endorsement.  The is just an accurate statement of on the record comments.)
Paul Cassell
Former Federal Judge